One of Blast Off Exteriors’ most popular services! We are the professional in Hampton Roads for gutter cleaning services. Many of our neighbors dread cleaning their home’s gutters, and we are proud to offer this time-saving service to you!Why It's Important to Clean Your Gutters

Gutters reroute the flow of water in and around one’s home, but can easily become

clogged by leaves and debris flowing along with the rushing rainwater. Cleaning

gutters is essential in protecting the longevity of the gutters as well as preserving

their use. For best results, gutters should be cleaned and inspected every season of the year!

Maintaining clean gutters helps keep your home looking its best and building value.

Did you know the outside of your gutters can be cleaned as well?

The black streaks that you see on your gutters are in the oxidation layer of the

paint. There is usually no need to have them painted or replaced. With the

right cleansers and some gentle brushing we can usually bring the new

look back to your gutters. Inside and out.

Gutter Cleaning Services


Licensed GutterStuff Installer and Re-Seller

  • The Original Foam Filter Insert
  • Have your gutters protected from leaves and debris.
  • $4.50 per foot installed
  • 5 year performance warranty

Gutter Cleaning ServicesQ: How does GutterStuff® perform in freezing weather?

A: Freezing temperatures have no effect on GutterStuff®. Since the foam filter keeps the down

spout from clogging, there is never any surplus water left in the gutter, thus no freezing.

Q: Does water in the gutter run over during heavy rainfall?

A: No. The filter is non-absorbent so it allows large volumes of water to flow right through.

Q: Does GutterStuff® need to be cleaned?

A: Yes. It does require some light maintenance. Every 6 months it is recommended to use a leaf blower or garden hose to clear stubborn debris caught in the foam filter.

Q: How do you install GutterStuff® around the gutter spikes?

A: It simply slides underneath the gutter spikes.

Q: Do birds, squirrels, insects, or other small animals harm the foam?

A: No. Not only has GutterStuff®'s durability been tested for over 5 years, but the foam filter is

coated with a germicide that repels insects and keeps mosquitoes from breeding within the


Q: Do UV rays or heat from sunlight harm the foam?

A: No. The coating on GutterStuff® contains a UV stabilizer that protects the foam filter from the

suns heat and rays.

Q: Can strong wind blow GutterStuff® out of the gutter?

A: No. It is secure because it fits snugly in the gutter and under the spikes.

Q: How long has GutterStuff® been on the market?

A: GutterStuff® was first marketed in the first quarter of 2003.

Q: Does GutterStuff® come with a warranty?

A: GutterStuff® Original carries a 5 year performance warranty!